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You'll find some of our best prices on a selection of core items below. To explore our whole range, see our product guide or give our sales team a call - they are always happy to help.

Flour & Bases

bravo flour
deep pan pizza base
thin crust pizza base
Pizza Yeast
Alto pizza flour
deep pan pizza base
thin crust pizza base
selecta pizza flour
deep pan pizza base
thin crust pizza base
maestro pizza flour
deep pan pizza base
wrights improver


Superior Pizza Cheese
Prima 80/20 Pizza Cheese
golden stretch pizza cheese
grated cheddar
new york blend
cheese rope
Danscorella Pizza Cheese


supertops pepperoni
supertops meatballs
supertops ham stamps
supertops salami
supertops american sausage
supertops spicy pork
supertops spicy beef
supertops smokey bacon
supertops julienne ham
supertops thinly sliced pepperoni

Pizzella Halal Toppings

pizzella halal pepperoni
pizzella plain diced chicken
pizzella salami
pizzella chicken tikka
pizzella halal beef
pizzella tandoori chicken
pizzella halal julienne ham
pizzella halal bbq chicken

Tulip Halal Toppings

Tulip halal pepperoni
Tulip halal turkey bacon
Tulip halal salami
Tulip halal chicken
Tulip halal spicy beef
Tulip halal turkey stamp

Sauces and Tinned Toppings

mikado jalapeno tins
sliced jalapeno jar
mikado pizza chunks
famous pizza sauce
mikado sweetcorn
famously pizza sauce pouches
mikado tinned mushroom slices

Fresh Vegetables

fresh tomatoes
fresh garlic
fresh red onion
fresh mushroom
fresh red pepper
fresh green pepper
vegetable prices

Click for weekly vegetable prices

GB 1.25ltr & 1.5 ltr Bottles

gb coca cola 1.25 litre bottles
gb diet pepsi 1.5 litre bottles
gb diet coca cola 1.5 litre bottles
gb 7up 1.5 litre bottles
gb fanta 1.5 litre bottles
gb tango 1.5 litre bottles
gb pepsi 1.5 litre bottles
gb pepsi max 1.5 litre bottles


McCain Seasoned Wedges
Garlic Mushrooms
McCain Spiral Fries
Lamb Weston Skin-on Wedges
 Aviko Mozzarella sticks
Garlic Bread
Lamb Weston Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno
onion rings


chocolate fudge cake
Ben & Jerry Phish Food
Strawberry Cheesecake
Ben & Jerry Fudge Brownie
toffie pie
ben and jerry's caramel chew chew
banoffee pie
Ben & Jerrys Cookie dough

Pizza Boxes

7 brown pizza box
7 white pizza box
7 colour pizza box
10 brown pizza box
10 white pizza box
10 colour pizza box
12 brown pizza box
12 white pizza box
12 colour pizza box
16 brown pizza box
16 white pizza box
16 colour pizza box

Other sizes are available, please call and ask or see our product guide for full range

N&B Foods - supplying Pizza Shops for over 25 years

This page is in no way a full indication of our product range. Please see our product guide for a definitive product listing. Should you have any queries, feel free to give us a call - our friendly sales team are happy to help.

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Products are subject to availability and market conditions. Quantity restrictions may apply for certain goods supplied to any one customer. Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice. Prices exclude VAT.

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