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You'll find some of our best prices on a selection of core items below. To explore our whole range, see our product guide or give our sales team a call - they are always happy to help.


cassius doner
Veli Yellow doner
white label doner
vatan diamond doner
ace red doner
ace red doner
Lamb No 2 doner
Big Chef Chicken Kebab

We supply a selection of doners from various manufacturers, at various weights and sizes, and these are some of our bestselling options. Please give us a call with your requirements or see our product guide for a definitive listing. Make N&B Foods your doner kebab supplier of choice.


Lamb Weston Freeze Chilled
Lamb Weston Private Reserve Chips
Mccain 3/8 Chips
Aviko 3/8 chips
Lamb Weston Freeze Chilled Julienne
Lamb Weston Steak House Chips
Mccain Julienne Chips
Aviko 7mm julienne
Lamb Weston Stealth Fries
Ekin Frites
Mccain stay crisp
Aviko super longs 3/8
Lamb Weston Stealth julienne Fries
Golden Frites
Aviko super longs julienne


Royale Halal Superior Burgers
Fribo Burger
Flamers Burger
Sparks Burger
beefking superior burgers
Mccain vegetable burgers
Sparks Halal beefburgers
economy beef burgers
aviko veg burger
beefking halal burgers
mawbeef burgers
lamb burger


Kuckru Chicken Steaks
Hot n kickin Chicken Wings
Breaded goujon
Chicken Nuggets
Harvest Poppin Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken Strips
Kuckru Chicken Steak
Southern Fried Chicken Strips
Farmer's field Fresh Chicken Breast
Cargill american style fillets
wholemuscle chicken chunks

Pitta, Buns and Wraps

Small Americana Seeded Bun
Eghoyan Pitta Bread
Pitta Naan Khobez Bread
Americana Seeded Bun
Sofra Pitta
Pitta Naan Khobez Bread
Americana Floured Bap
Small Tasty Bake Pitta Bread
Tortilla wrap
Americana Hot Dog Buns
Large Tasty Bake Pitta Bread
Large Tortilla Wrap

GB 330ml Cans

GB coca cola cans
Gb Sprite cans
GB Lilt Cans
GB pepsi cans
GB orange tango cans
GB strawberry watermelon tango
GB rubicon Guava
GB diet coca cola cans
GB dr pepper can
monster  355ml
GB Diet Pepsi can
GB Apple Tango
GB 7up Cans
GB vimto cans
GB Coca Cola Zero Sugar
GB cherry coke can
monster ultra 355ml
GB pepsi max
GB Cherry Tango
GB rubicon mango
GB fanta cans
GB fanta fruit twist cans
GB Rio cans
GB Pepsi Max Raspberry
GB vimto cans
GB rubicon Passion fruit

We stock a massive selection of drinks, in a range of sizes, GB and imported. Click here for more, or give our sales team a call with your requirements.


KTC oil
KTC Rapeseed oil
KTC oil plastic drum
Olympic oil 2x10ltr
Olympic oil 1x20ltr
Caterfry Veg fat 1x12.5kg

Sauces & Pickles

heinz squeezme
Winersh Mayonnaise
Sasco Mayonnaise
Tomato Ketchup Sachet
Big Chef Tomato Ketchup
Uncle john squeezy Mayonnaise
vinegar sachet
Country Stile Ketchup
Uncle john Garlic Mayonnaise
salt sachet
Lion Chilli Sauce
omega pickled pepper

Wrapping Paper and Boxes

wrapping paper
wrapping paper
food box
burger box
medium food box
burger box
burger wrap
burger wrap

This page is in no way a full indication of our product range. Please see our product guide for a definitive product listing. If you've got a question about chip trays, doner, sausages or any of our kebab shop supplies, feel free to give us a call - our friendly sales team are happy to help.

Products are subject to availablity and market conditions. Quantity restrictions may apply for certain goods supplied to any one customer. Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.Prices exclude VAT.

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