indian restaurant supplies

You'll find some of our best prices on a selection of core items below. To explore our whole range, see our product guide or give our sales team a call - they are always happy to help.


halal lamb leg
halal lamb ribs
halal mutton
lamb neck fillet
halal kofte mince


cresswell farm chicken breast
sadia whole chickens


habib basmati
habib basmati
guru basmati
tolly basmati


elephant atta self raising flour
mix and bake self raising flour
trs besan gram flour
elephant atta chappati flour


Balah poppadoms
lamb samosa
ktc mint sauce
vegetable samosa
KTC Mango Chutney
onion bhaji
Trs Madras poppadom


trs chilli powder
trs turmeric powder
trs garlic powder
trs madras curry powder
trs cumin powder
trs black pepper powder
trs paprika
trs garam masala
trs crushed chilli
trs coriander powder
trs ginger powder

Patak's Range

pataks tikka masala curry paste
pataks biryani curry paste
pataks tandoori curry paste
pataks madras curry paste
pataks kashmiri curry paste
pataks tikka curry paste
pataks balti curry paste
pataks mixed pickle

Tinned Items

ktc peeled tomato
ktc peeled chopped tomato
ktc chick peas
trs ginger paste
ktc creamed coconut
trs mango pulp

Oil and Ghee

ktc drum vegetable oil
ktc pure vegetable ghee
ktc rapeseed oil
ktc plastic drum vegetable oil

Containers & Bags

brown handled bags
satco 500ml container and lids
glacier large carrier bags
satco 650ml pots and lids
no.6a foil container
no.6a lids
garlic foil bags

This page is in no way a full indication of our product range. Please see our product guide for a definitive product listing. Should you have any queries, feel free to give us a call - our friendly sales team are happy to help.

Products are subject to availiablity and market conditions. Quantity restrictions may apply for certain goods supplied to any one customer. Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.Prices exclude VAT.

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